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Update: Azafran's Applied Deep Tech Index & Tracker

Compiled each week by the Azafran Data Team, transactions specific to the Azafran Fund II Thesis have soared from a total of ~$4B in 2017 to over $60B YTD Q4 2021 and are forecasted to exceed $200B by 2025.

The Azafran Applied Deep Tech Index tracks all transactions globally related to companies utilizing voice, acoustics/sensory and imagery feeding augmented AI/ML into the MedTech, IoT and Enterprise/B2B markets.

Results total of funding by year:

2022 (YTD): $4.41B - 133 companies - Funding of $33.1M (Mean)/$10.8M (Median)

2021: $60.72B - 1,696 companies - Funding of $35.8M (Mean)/$9.4M (Median)

2020: $19.85B - 961 companies - Funding of $20.7M (Mean)/$6M (Median)

2019: $21.7B - 1,023 companies - Funding of $21.2M (Mean)/$3.5M (Median)

2018: $8B - 740 companies - Funding of $10.8M (Mean)/$2.67M (Median)

2017: $4.07B - 598 companies - Funding of $6.8M (Mean)/$1.6M (Median)

Industries Funding in 2022 (YTD)

● IoT - $1.62B

● Enterprise - $1.81B

● Health & Wellness - $987.6M

The Azafran Data Team has created a proprietary data repository and machine learning engine (Ametrine), where we track over 6,000+ AI/ML companies worldwide broken into select categories, markets, themes, industries and metrics. We track 400+ attributes across all the companies, some examples include geography, technology focus, and modalities.

Source: Azafran Data Team


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