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Immediate Impact. Lasting Results.

Azafran Catalyst focuses on market timing, product traction and team development to accelerate growth while minimizing risk.

Catalyst activates Azafran’s business network, built upon decades of entrepreneur and operator experience in starting and managing companies, cultivating partnerships and amassing extensive knowledge in deep tech. Using the Catalyst framework, early stage deep tech founders and their teams tap into our global network and work side-by-side with business leaders to learn organizational best practices, grow marketing and sales channels, gain industry expertise, and develop the tools and skills to run transformational businesses. 

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Why We Start With Seed Stage Winners

Crunchbase reports that 80% of seed companies fail to raise another round and 97% fail to exit. Azafran invests in the 20% of deep tech companies and founders that emerge from seed, with Catalyst as a tool to lower risk and accelerate value accretion. We empower founding teams with the tools they need to succeed.

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