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VC Reinvented

More than investors, we are long-term partners with our portfolio companies.

Azafran is a post-seed, early-stage venture capital firm investing $2M - $10M for product development and deployment, supporting visionaries with transformational technology. We are accomplished entrepreneurs, tech founders, CEOs, technologists, investors, data scientists and operators who partner with leading founders and entrepreneurs to build technology platforms that deliver lasting societal and economic value. We empower your entire journey with deep expertise, decades of real-world experience and business leadership.


Together, the Azafran team combines operating experience and investment experience with backgrounds in finance, engineering, computing, sales, marketing, operations, and research and management. Our partners benefit from an extensive network of longtime YPO and EO members and leaders with connections to more than 40,000 companies with $10 trillion in revenues.


Our unique blend of strengths and diverse global insights enable us to deliver investment opportunities that help companies achieve unparalleled success.

Engineering Class


How We Create Immediate, Lasting Value

Azafran’s chief advantage is our combination of experience, background and passion for founders and deep tech companies. Our accomplished entrepreneurs have founded dozens of companies and our technologists and scientists speak the language of corporate strategy, science and technology with our founders. Dedicated to changing the future with emerging technology, deep tech innovators want to partner with us.  

The Road Less Traveled

We seek and invest in companies on the road less traveled. Our 38-City network is focused on Eastern North America and all of Europe. Each week we attend conferences across these regions. We step away from our desks and journey out to find the best founders and companies.


Great ideas have no boundaries. We seek investment opportunities from around the world, with a heavy focus in eastern North America and Western to Central Europe, from Toronto to New York to Helsinki, Berlin and Bucharest.

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Azafran's Transformational Value

“Azafran” is Spanish for saffron, which is known as the most valuable spice in the world. At one time, saffron was more valuable than gold, used as currency and viewed as possessing transformational value. Our name is a beacon for creative founders and entrepreneurs seeking partners to develop transformational technology and build extraordinary companies. 

 “Azafran” also represents the unique flavor, flare and diversity of our team, partners, portfolio companies and technologies.

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