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Denver shows off its mettle with Destination Startup

The Azafran team was on hand for Destination Startup® 2022 a collaboration among leading research universities and federal laboratories across the Intermountain West to showcase the best companies from this innovation ecosystem.

Denver startup statistics have been going through the roof and the slate of featured companies in this year's Destination Startup demonstrated great traction, caliber and amazing tech.

Since its inception in 2018, more than 700 investors and business leaders from across the country have attended Destination Startup®. Over 50 new startup companies have been launched and collectively, and they have raised over $200 million to date.

Destination Startup® helps innovative researchers and faculty ready themselves for the process of fundraising and the commercialization of their technology. This year, we will be offering both virtual and in-person options to attend for both registrants and participants.


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