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CES 2022 - It's a Wrap!

Team Azafran out in force as CES returns to live format for 2022

On all fronts CES 2022 met and even exceeded our team's expectations. While the number of attendees was probably 25% of usual crowds in the past, startups in the Eureka Hall were well represented as in years past. We met some amazing companies from mostly Europe and some from North America and we are already in followup discussions and live meetings. To be blunt, the tech tourists were gone, leaving room for business to get done.

More than 800 startups from 19 countries were featured in Eureka Park, the startup hub for CES 2022, including the SkyDrive air taxi; ScenTronix with its EveryHuman algorithmic perfumery and Orbisk, an AI-powered fully automated food waste monitoring system. The Venetian Expo also featured a first-time European Pavilion highlighting the latest tech advancements from Europe.

The show otherwise was still filled with announcements and reveals, but for many major exhibitors the event was strictly virtual. In the two weeks leading up to CES 2022, many companies announced their pivot to virtual-only plans.

Prevalent throughout the show was artificial intelligence, making products and technologies smarter, more efficient and customizable, advancing nearly every major industry from agriculture to healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and entertainment. Companies included John Deere, featuring the first fully autonomous tractor, and Beyond Honeycomb, with an AI-enabled robot to prep and cook customizable meals. 

By the numbers: More than 2,300 exhibiting companies, including more than 800 startups, launched products featuring innovation across AI, automotive tech, digital health, smart home and more. After nearly two years, CES returned ‘home’ to Las Vegas welcoming over 45,000 attendees in person, including 1,800 global media, across 11 indoor and outdoor venues. 30% of attendees traveled from abroad – representing 119 countries.


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