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[33] Azafran Deep Tech Investment Use Cases

Examples of companies Azafran has under term sheet or in advanced due diligence:

Following are a selection of companies across Azafran's thesis spectrum which we are set to invest in Q4 2022 - discovered from our own research, attending events and partner/feeder funds that we have in our North American and European network. All companies have significant traction (~$1M+ ARR), defensible products, marquis customers, experienced teams, patents filed/granted - targets for industry acquisition within 3-5 years:

BC-CE (British Columbia) Problem: Perioperative Nursing is facing a depletion of experienced people due to a combination of factors. Solution: BC-CE offers a solution to tackle challenges in the training of medical professionals utilizing immersive technologies. 2022 projected revenues $1.17M / Customers include Siemens & Boston Children’s.

BE-VR (Berlin) Problem: There is much confusion and jockeying in the enterprise Virtual Reality / Metaverse space. Solution: BE-VR is a no-code VR software that enables enterprises to create and share VR content at scale. 2022 revenues 1M EUR / Customers include Nestle, Siemens, and Porsche.

HE-GL (Helsinki) Problem: For anyone designing an office space, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution - especially in the wake of the recent pandemic. Solution: Combining immersive 3D graphics, VR and cloud-based interactive collaboration tools, HE-GL is a modern collaboration platform for teams who need remote meetings to be as great as face-to-face meetings. Customers include Fidelity, Axel Springer and Deutsche Telekom - 2022 projected revenues $2.65M.

OU-CR (Oulu, Finland) (Helsinki) Problem: Integrating a robust Voice UI requires right technologies and expertise. Solution: Embedded speech recognition and voice feedback that is suitable for various segments such as home appliances, consumer products, industrial applications, digital kiosks, robots, and mobile applications. Customers/Paid Pilots include Bosch and Siemens - 2022 projected revenues $500K.

BO-YO (Boston) Problem: Life is noisy and for voice assistants to perform in varied, and often difficult, sound environments is a key factor for the sector’s success and currently is a serious impediment to consumer and enterprise uptake. Solution: BO-YO has developed a voice tracking and noise management technology solution blending multiple branches of research including machine learning, neuroscience, and the broadcast studio. Customers include the FBI, IBM and Spotify - 2023 projected revenues $2M.


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